About us

About us

Our firm was established to provide efficient, expert solutions to businesses and individuals. Our primary services include accounting, taxation, and business consulting. We also offer a host of specialty services to cater to the unique needs of our clients. Our partners and staff accountants serve a wide range of individuals, corporations, and partnerships. Our partners offer the benefits of years of experience gained from previous positions.
The firm is dedicated to serving all of your accounting, tax, and financial services needs. Our continuing mission is to serve you by providing the highest level of expertise and professionalism possible.

What Really Matters

The most important thing is to define your goals

Retiring comfortably to me includes the ability to travel. A lot.

You can easily decide if your future includes traveling all across the world, or if it’s just simply retiring somewhere where the weather is perfect all year round. But, having those goals in mind now can help you achieve the financial security you’ll need when it’s time.

I’m dedicated to being
happy in my retirement.

Would you like a worry free future?

Wouldn’t we all? Finally, you can have the future you want without the worry of what tomorrow is going to hold for you financially. Pathak Financial Group is dedicated to helping you achieve all of your future hopes and dreams with ease and comfort.

Planning Your Future

It’s one of the most important things we can do, but it’s also the most overlooked. Here at Pathak Financial Group, we’ll help you accomplish your future financial goals every step of the way.Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Building Your Wealth

Do you spend more time planning a vacation for your family than you do for your retirement?

Let’s be realistic here. Planning a vacation is way more enjoyable than planning for your future. Vacations are instant, fun and relaxing. But, most of the time, when it comes to planning a retirement, it’s built on uncertainty, fear and confusion. Which, in the end, makes everyone want to avoid planning their future financials.

But, if you plan your retirement right, it doesn’t have to be so scary. In fact, planning for your retirement can be just as simple as planning for that exciting vacation that’s got you up at night in anticipation for it. With Pathak Financial Group we can help you plan a financial future that will make you and your family excited for your upcoming years.


Pathak Financial Group has well over 10 years of financial-planning experience.We are at the forefront of this quickly changing economy and we work closely with our clients because we are fully committed to meeting and exceeding expectations. We also believe in keeping our services affordable to our clients, we make sure to work around your budget.We are proud that so many of our clients have repeatedly turned to us for guidance and assistance with their financial futures, and we work hard to earn their loyalty every day.

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